Financing Statements/UCC's/Personal Property
The Uniform Commercial Code requires a debtor that is pledging collateral as security to a lender, that the parties file notice for public record, either with the County Clerk or the Secretary of State, depending upon the nature of the collateral put up as security. A filed financing statement is good for FIVE years unless a continuation is filed.


Effective July 01, 2001, all UCC filings are to be made with the Texas Secretary of State. County Clerks will no longer take UCC filings.  This does not affect UCC’s filed in the Real Property office.   Only terminations will be filed by the County Clerk's office.

All UCC’s that are filed with the County Clerk are valid for (5) years.  Any statement that expires may be continued with the Secretary of State.  If the statement remains effective past July 01, 2002, a new UCC will need to be filed. 

Please direct any questions to the Texas Secretary of State.

Applicable UCC (Uniform Commercial Code Instruments) Fees: 

  • UCC’s are filed with the Secretary of State: (except for personal Federal Tax Liens)
  • UCC Financing Statement, 1-2 pages $25.00 (Effective 1/1/2024)
  • UCC Financing Statement, 3 or more pages $40.00 (Effective 1/1/2024)