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Estray and Rescued Animals 



Notice of Estray Sale


Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, in an effort to provide a more efficient form of public notice, for Estray and Rescued Animals will now publish the information, on the Grayson County Public Web Site.
The information provided on this site will assist the owner in the necessary procedures to recover the animal. The citizens of Grayson County may purchase or adopt an animal if not claimed by the owner.  If you are missing an animal or looking for an animal, please look at the following pictures and/or descriptions. Please Contact the Sheriff’s Office, if you are the owner, or know the owner, of an animal listed on this web site.
You may attend a Sheriff’s Estray Auction Sale by arriving at the sale site, on the day and time of sale. If you have any questions please contact us.

Definition: An Estray Animal is an animal that is farm stock, that has strayed away from the farm. It is not an animal that is native to the area.

The following information will be provided:

    - Name and Address of the person reporting the Estray,
    - Location of where the Estray was when rescued,
    - Description of the Estray to include; Breed, Color, Sex, Age, Size, Markings, Tag, Brands or Any other 

The current location of the animal

If the animal has not been claimed by the owner, the animal will be sold at (location) on (date) at (time) ~ this will be an Estray Auction conducted by the Sheriff’s Office, as provided for under the Agriculture Code Chapter 142 of the State of Texas.

The owner of this animal may redeem this animal anytime prior to sale, by providing the Sheriff’s Office with an affidavit of ownership and paying all cost and fees, in the impoundment of this animal.

Estray Laws do not apply to rescued, domesticated pets, such as cats, or dogs. You can click on the link to the Sherman Animal Shelter and view the current rescued animals that are available for adoption. Grayson County currently has a Leash Law for all dogs. A leash Law means the animal must be restrained, if it is not on property belonging to the animal’s owner.  If an animal is found unrestrained it will be rescued and taken to the Sherman Animal Shelter. Please note: Grayson County does not charge a fee for adopting an animal, but a fee is charged by the City of Sherman to help maintain the Animal Shelter. The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone looking for a missing animal, or wanting to adopt an animal check the Shelter.

If you suspect abuse or neglect you can also contact SPCA of North Texas at (214) 742-SPCA (7722) or locate them on the Internet at

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