Community Supervision and Corrections Department
DirectorAlan Brown

Deputy Director Jason Kirk
  • Phone CSCD Office: (903) 813-4207
    Justice Center Location: (903) 813-4321

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About Community Supervison
The Grayson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is a public agency responsible to the public at large. Each employee of the department is a reflection of the department and is responsible not only for providing services to the clients, but for the image of the department in Grayson County.

Each employee of the Grayson County CSCD shall govern their behavior by supporting the Code of Ethics. The Grayson County Board of Judges provide administrative oversight and are the governing body for the Department.

The community supervision officer monitors compliance with court ordered conditions and reports to the respective Court when appropriate. Duties of the department include screening, assessment, and referral to appropriate programs, counseling sessions, and community service. Officers also monitor drug use through urinalysis testing, collect court ordered fees and restitution, and conduct field visits and office visits to enforce the court order.

As an extension of the Grayson County District and County Courts, the Community Supervision and Corrections Department (formerly known as Adult Probation) has a responsibility to the Courts, the individual ordered to complete a term of community supervision (probation), and the community. The CSCD supervises both misdemeanor and felony offenders who have plead guilty or have been found guilty by a Judge or jury. As an alternative to jail or imprisonment, community supervision is designed to provide an option for sentencing courts whereby the offender is provided structured programs and an opportunity to receive educational, counseling, and/or rehabilitative services.

Our Mission
The mission of the Grayson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department and its personnel is:

Offenders should be held strictly responsible and accountable for their actions, while being assisted in facilitating pro-social changes in behavior. We provide a correctional program which will make the most effective use of available resources to protect the public.

Are you interested in working with us to achieve our mission? View our Human Resources Department for employment opportunities.

Board of Judges 

Judge James Fallon
Judge Larry Phillips
Judge Brian Gary
Judge James Henderson
Judge Carol Siebman
15th District Court
59th District Court
397th District Court
County Court at Law #1
County Court at Law #2

Open Records Act; Freedom of Information Act
Records of Community Supervision and Corrections departments (probation departments) are considered judicial records, and, as such, do not fall under the records described in the Open Records and Freedom of Information Acts.  (Ref. Attorney General's Open Records decision #236)