Marks & Brands

Availability: 1878 through present.

Requirements: Texas Cattlemen are required by law to record their brands and earmarks with the County Clerk's Office.  Each owner of livestock shall record his marks and brands, regardless of whether or not they have been previously recorded.  All recorded brands and earmarks will expire on August 31, 2031 and will need to be re-recorded at that time.  There is an index that shows the marks and brands for Grayson County that are currently being used and would NOT be available for use by someone else until that mark/brand has expired.  The cost to file a mark/brand is $15.00 per brand, with one brand location. 

Search Brands being used in Grayson County on the Texas Cattle Raisers website prior to filing with our office:

Please note: Copy of Valid photo ID must be attached to a mail-in application or the request will not be processed.  Valid photo ID must be presented if appearing in person.