Commissioners Court Records

The County Clerk is the official record keeper for the Grayson County Commissioner's Court with records from 1930 to the Present. Each time the Court meets, our clerks have the responsibility to collect and maintain the supporting documentation used to create the minutes for the meeting. These records are open to the public for inspection at anytime during normal business hours. The fee for copies of court records are $1.00 per page for regular copies or $5.00 per document and $1.00 per page for certified copies.

The agenda is posted at the West entrance of the courthouse by our office 72 hours prior to any meeting. You can also view the Agenda by clicking HERE . For example, for a Court meeting scheduled on Tuesday at 10:00 am, the agenda would be posted by 10:00 am the preceding Friday.

The approved budget for the county as a whole as well the budgets for each department are kept on file in our office. The number for the Commissioners Court Clerk is (903) 813-4260.