Probate Records

Probate Court Records : Probate records in Grayson County Exist from 1846 to the Present. Jurisdiction for Probate courts include probate matters and matters involving the guardianship of incapacitated persons and minors. Probate and guardianship cases deal with protecting the wishes, rights, and obligations or persons regarding their property when these persons are unable to do so as a result of death or incapacitating illness, either physical or mental.

Please provide separate checks for filing fees and for the service fees. The check for filing fees should be made payable to the Grayson County Clerk.  

Applicable Application Fees: Click here for applicable fees    

Copy Requests and Fees: All copy requests must be in writing, along with a self-addressed, postage pre-paid return envelope.

  • A $5.00 search fee will be charged for all requests made to the County Clerk's office for searches without a cause number in addition to the per page charge.
  • $1.00 per page
  • $5.00 per document, plus $1.00 per page for certified copies
  • $5.00 per name for each 10 year period in addition to all applicable copy charges for requests without a cause number. 

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Click here for a Copy Request Form for Probate Records from 1846 - 1983 (Please complete the Copy Request Form and return to the Clerk's office with all applicable fees.)