Liquor Licenses

General Information-TABC Guidelines updated September 1, 2021

Once online guidelines have been reviewed and an application is completed for a license or permit from, please follow these steps in this order:

1. Take the entire packet containing the application to the city secretary where the business is located for approval and signature.

2. Take the entire packet and application to the Texas Comptroller for signature.

3. Bring the entire packet and application to the County Clerk's office for signature.

4. Once all three entities have signed the application and any requirements to publish notices have been completed, return packet to TABC for approval.

Please call our office at 903-813-4240 or 903-813-4242 for any questions.


For any questions relating to fees, please contact the County Clerk’s office at 903-813-4240 or 903-813-4242.

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