Post Adjudication Admissions
Admissions Policy

The Grayson County Department of Juvenile Services only accepts children from contract counties throughout the State of Texas.  The Department will not accept private pay or parent referred children into the program.  Acceptance and discharge of each resident is at the discretion of the Director of Juvenile Services or designated facility administrator and pursuit to the contract terms.

Admissions Contact
Katelin Burton, Case Manager Supervisor/Admissions
Address : 86 Dyess , Denison, Texas 75020
Phone: (903) 786-6326
Fax: (903) 786-9401
Admissions Requirements
The post adjudication program serves males, ages 10-17 years old. Referrals come from juvenile probation departments throughout the State of Texas. We currently contract with fifty plus counties. Offenses for residents range from assault, property crimes to sexual offenses. In order for a potential resident to be prescreened, the referring Juvenile Probation Officer must submit a completed Interagency Application for Placement (Common Application for Placement) as well as a psychological evaluation that has been completed within the last 365 days. The Juvenile Probation Officer will be notified of approval or denial within 1-3 business days.

The facility strives to be flexible in order to best facilitate the intake process, including flexible intake scheduling, assistance with transportation, streamlined intake paperwork as well as physical/dental exams and psychological evaluations can be scheduled by our staff.

Required Admissions Paperwork

All forms are in fillable PDF format.

Please visit the following links to download Adobe PDF Reader: 
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Juvenile Probation Officer Pre-Admissions Forms:

    1.  Pre-Admission Information Form
    2.  Interagency Application for Placement Form
    3.  Physical Evaluation Form
    4.  Dental Evaluation Form       
    5.  Psychological Evaluation & Mental Health Assessment Requirements

Parent Pre-Admissions Forms:  

    1. Family History Form
    2. Current Medication Form
    3. Medical & Medication Authorization Form
    4. Verification of Visitors, Phone Contact & Mail Form
    5.  Authorization for Background Check (Required for ALL Visitors)
    6.  Polygraph Consent Form (Required for Sex Offender Program Only)