PREA/Zero Tolerance on Sexual Abuse & Sexual Harassment

The Grayson County Department of Juvenile Services maintains a zero tolerance policy on sexual abuse and sexual harassment. This policy applies to all youth with the pre-adjudication (JDC) and post-adjudication (Boot Camp/Victory) facilities, as well as agencies that the department contracts with to place youths.

  • Prevention & Detection - The department strives to ensure resident safety and complies with the PREA standards for juvenile facilities as well as Chapter 358 of the Texas Administrative Code. Residents have the right to be free from sexual abuse as well as retaliation from reporting such abuse. All staff and volunteers must undergo criminal background checks as well as initial and reoccurring training on the agencies zero tolerance policy. In addition, residents within each facility receive information both in writing as well as from staff regarding the zero tolerance policy, including: preventing, identifying, reporting abuse as well as their rights. Prevention and detection is also accomplished by ensuring adequate staffing levels and the use of video surveillance system throughout the facility.
  • Reporting - Residents, parents/guardians and staff are provided with the opportunity to make reports of abuse, without retaliation and confidentially in several ways. This includes confidentially to a staff member, through the facility grievance process (Parents may submit in writing to the Director or Facility Administrator) as well as through the Texas Juvenile Justice Department abuse, neglect and exploitation hotline at 1-877-786-7263 (1-877-STOP-ANE).
  • Response - All reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation are thoroughly investigated. Administrative investigations are conducted by the department as well as the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. All criminal investigations are conducted by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office. Victims of sexual abuse may receive at no cost, medical and mental health treatment as necessary. Victim advocacy services are provided by the Grayson County Children's Advocacy Center.