Proposed Mass Gatherings in the Unincorporated Area of Grayson County

Mass Gatherings in the State of Texas are defined in the Texas Mass Gatherings Act, Chapter 751 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, and  require a permit.  It is a criminal offense to promote a Mass Gathering as defined by law without a permit.  Promoters are also advised that the Texas Administrative Code contains additional clarification of the health and safety requirements of events.   Grayson County encourages promoters to seek professional guidance and legal advice when completing an application for submission.  Grayson County Office of Emergency Management staff can assist promoters with determining if a proposed event meets the definition of a mass gathering prior to submission of an application.  While State law requires that the permit application be submitted no later than 45 days prior to the event date, promoters are encouraged to submit an application as early as possible. Depending on the nature and size of your proposed event, public safety planning to support it effectively can take months, even years.

Such permits may be obtained by submitting an application to:

Grayson County Office of Emergency Management
100 W. Houston, Third Floor
Sherman, TX  75090

Send with a cashier’s check for the application fee of $300 payable to Grayson County no later than 45 days prior to the first day on which the event will be held.   The permit may be printed from the link below or picked up from Office of Emergency Management.

Application for Mass Gathering Permit

Chapter 751 of the Texas Health and Safety Code defines a Mass Gathering as:

Sec. 751.002.  DEFINITIONS.  In this chapter:

        (1)  "Mass gathering" means a gathering:
                (A)  that is held outside the limits of a municipality;
                (B)  that attracts or is expected to attract:
                        (i)  more than 2,500 persons; or
                        (ii)  more than 500 persons, if 51 percent or more of those persons may reasonably be expected 
                        to be younger than 21 years of age and it is planned or may reasonably be expected that alcoholic
                        beverages will be sold, served, or consumed at or around the gathering; and
                (C)  at which the persons will remain:
                        (i)  for more than five continuous hours; or
                        (ii)  for any amount of time during the period beginning at 10 p.m. and ending at 4 a.m.

(2)  "Person" means an individual, group of individuals, firm, corporation, partnership, or association.

(3)  "Promote" includes organize, manage, finance, or hold.

(4)  "Promoter" means a person who promotes a mass gathering.