Insofar as possible, the DA’s Office provides available discovery in an electronic format.  The eDiscovery portal may be accessed via the following link: https://portal.co.grayson.tx.us/portalprod.  If you have not yet registered for access to the eDiscovery portal, please use the link and select the Register option in the top right of the page.

The DA’s Office requires that a Discovery Agreement be signed and received by our office prior to discovery being provided.  You may access the Discovery Agreement form here.  When discovery is provided, you should expect to receive a computer-generated email advising of each discovery item available and of the media items available for copying.  Once notified of media available, please provide to our office a flash drive or external drive for copying of media.  The DA’s Office does not supply disks or drives. 

**While the portal is normally available 24/7, it is recommended that you download your case discovery rather than rely on the portal for storage, as there may be times of scheduled or unscheduled inaccessibility and Grayson County does not assume responsibility for continuing to maintain discovery within the eDiscovery portal beyond 20 days from the date of upload.

If you find that you are experiencing issues accessing the eDiscovery portal, please send an email describing the issue to discoverysupport@co.grayson.tx.us.