Grayson County Fire Marshal


2024 Grayson County Approved Selling Season

Fireworks Stand Application

Fireworks Stand Inspection Checklist

Fireworks Display Application

The office of the Grayson County Fire Marshal requires all retail fireworks stands in unincorporated Grayson County to have a Retail Fireworks Permit, issued by our office. This permit is an additional permit to that which is required by the State of Texas.

There is a $100 operational permit fee per stand.

New and Existing vendors must submit the required application, corresponding documents and the required fee for each stand annually. The permit will be in effect from January 1, to December 31 of the year issued. This permit must be placed in a visible location.

Random inspections may take place throughout the seasonal sales period at which time if violations are found, appropriate action will be taken to ensure compliance.

Our office will enforce the laws of the State of Texas in regards to fireworks stands. These laws have been created to protect both the employees of the stand and the general public.

Retail Fireworks Permit Inspection List


  • Sell/store fireworks <100’ from storage and dispensing of flammables or <300’ from above ground tanks.
  • Adequate off road parking provided.
  • NO SMOKING signs at least 4" letters, posted.
  • Trash or cardboard boxes within 10' of stand.
  • High grass/weeds within 10' of stand.
  • Suitable lock to prevent unauthorized entry when closed.
  • Electrical service installed in accordance to NEC & AHJ.
  • Pedestrian/Traffic barrier required in front of stand (10 feet).




  • Sell illegal fireworks e.g. bottle rockets, M-80's.
  • Fireworks do not conform to USCPS Labeling.
  • No fireworks being discharged within 300 feet from fireworks stand.
  • At least one sign that reads as follows, with 4 inch letters on a contrasting background, shall be conspicuously posted on the exterior of each side of the fireworks stand: NO FIREWORKS DISCHARGED WITHIN 300 FEET.
  • Displayed fireworks within reach of customer.



  • Permit for each retail stand not connected.
  • Operator at least 18YOA on duty.
  • Smoking inside or within 10' of stand.
  • Operator consuming or under influence of alcohol.
  • No fireworks sold or offered to children under 16YOA.



  • Generator at least 10' from stand.
  • High grass, weeds, trash near generator.
  • 6 BC extinguisher on site for generator.



  • Egress clear.
  • Correct number of egress doors (>16' two doors).
  • Egress doors open outward and unlocked when stand opened.
  • At least one 2A10BC extinguisher shall be provided.


Interior Electrical:

  • Main disconnect.
  • Drop cords and extension cords being used.
  • Electrical installation in accordance with NEC and AHJ.
  • Heat or light source with open flames.




  • Selling from single/multifamily structure.
  • Selling fireworks from tent or motor vehicle.