Deferred Disposition Policy

Code of Criminal Procedure Article 45.54
Suspension of Sentence and Deferral of Final Disposition

Required for consideration of Deferred Disposition in Justice Court, Pct. 04

  • Defendant is allowed to be on Deferred Disposition once a year in this court.
  • The defendant must enter a plea of no contest or guilty and make a request to the court for Deferred Disposition.
  • The request for Deferred Disposition must be made by the due date of the ticket; a one-time ten (10) day extension may be given. You may request this extension in person or by phone.
  • If the request for Deferred Disposition is made by mail, it must be post marked on or before the due date of the ticket , if it is mailed on the due date it must be sent by certified mail.
  • The amount of the fine and the court costs must be paid at the time of your request.

For Moving Violations

  • The defendant must meet the same requirements as those for taking a Driver Safety Course.
  • The defendant must have a valid Texas driver’s license or license from state of residency. A copy of the driver’s license is to be submitted at the time of the request.
  • The defendant must provide proof of financial responsibility and be listed as a driver on the policy or insurance card. A copy of the insurance card or policy is to be submitted at the time of the request.

When a request is made to the court in a timely manner and all the requirements are met, the defendant will be granted deferred disposition.