Marker [119]
Sherman Manufacturing Company
(1815 Sam Rayburn Fwy., South, Sherman)


Sherman Seamless Bag Mill was founded here in 1891, to serve the cotton industry of North Central Texas.

Elected to Board of Directors on March 18, 1891, were C. A. Andrews, Edward Eastburn, W. C. Eubank, Thomas Forbes, J. F. Jaques, J. C. Jones, Tom Randolph, Z. E. Rainey, and J. C. Tassey to serve as chairman.

Elegant cornerstone was shipped from Cromwell, Mass., to go into the original structure. Suffering from financial problems during those early years, the plant operated and closed intermittently.

Acquired in 1906 by Wellington-Sears Company of New York who added buildings and centered production upon single-filling flat duck. Purchased 1946, by Ely Walker & Co. of St. Louis, Mo.; wide sheeting became main product. Merged into Burlington Industries, Inc., 1955.

Cornerstone of original building opened 1956. Disclosed old coins, 1891 newspapers, timetable for trains to Indian Territory (now State of Oklahoma) saloon tokens and menu from Binkley Hotel coffee shop.

A portion of this original structure remains as a useful part of this modern plant.

Through Burlington's international organization, products made here are sold in marketplaces throughout the world.