Marker [079]
First Texas Interurban
(Texas Highway 91 At Woodlake Road)


Electric railways or "trolleys" provided convenient and quick travel between many Texas cities for more than 40 years. The first Interurban began running in 1901 over the 10.5 miles from Denison to Sherman, a trip of thirty minutes; fare, 25~. The road's 70-lb. steel rails passed near here. Woodlake Park (3 miles east) was built by the line to promote travel, offer recreation and amusement, with special excursions. A second line was built from Dallas to Ft. Worth in 1902.Belton-Temple system came next. In 1909 this first line extended to Dallas, later to Waco. Others served cities of the coast, in central and west Texas. Coaches were powered by overhead cables, carrying direct current from 550 to 651) volts. Electricity was generated in power stations along the line. Each car had from 2 to 4 motors of 30 to 75 horsepower. Trailers and baggage cars could be coupled on when needed. "Limited" boasted carpets, lounge chairs, spittoons, and restrooms. In 1920 nearly 4,000,000 passengers were carried. By 1931, ten systems covered 518.75 miles. However, interurbans could not compete with the automobile, and on December 31, 1948, the last run in Texas passed here in its way from Denison to Dallas.