Marker [013]
Pilot Grove Baptist Church
(Pilot Grove)


Land was donated by Hezekiah Warden on June 3, 1848, to the United Baptist Church. The church was organized by Elder John A. Piars, Elder Benjamin Watson, and Elder George F. Calor. The congregation met in members' homes until funds were sufficient to build a sanctuary in December, 1876. Records show that on August 14, 1858, Adeline Marchman was the first to be received into the church by profession of faith. The original building was damaged by a tornado in the early 1900s. In April, 1917, the structure now standing was erected. With settlers arriving, by 1850 Pilot Grove was one of the largest communities in Grayson County. It boasted a post office, two doctors, a blacksmith, grist mill, a drug store and one of the first cotton gins. Until World War II the community thrived, then people abandoned their homes for the armed forces and defense jobs in larger cities. Pilot Grove Baptist Church is still active, with worship services and community events.