Marker [010]
Vittitoe Cemetery
(Andy Thomas Road, near Kentuckytown)


This graveyard was begun as a family burial plot by Samuel and Ellen Vittitoe, who settled on land surrounding this site in 1852. Their son, Frank, probably was the first to be buried here sometime before the outbreak of the Civil War, although his headstone is undated. The Vittitoes made it known to the residents of Kentucky Town (1 mi. n.) that their plot was open for burials outside the family, but the cemetery was not used as a public burial ground until it was legally established as such in 1885.

More than 700 graves have been recorded in the Vittitoe cemetery. Most of them bear tombstones with legible inscriptions, but others are marked only by stakes or pieces of stone or rock. Included among those buried here are early settlers such as Andrew Thomas, who brought his family to the area in 1837; numerous Civil War veterans; the Rev. Isaac Teague, pastor of the Kentuckytown Baptist Church during the early 1900s; and Benjamin Earnest, who helped establish a general store soon after settling in Kentuckytown in 1859.

Vittitoe Cemetery, which is cared for by the Vittitoe Cemetery Association, is an important reminder of the early history of this part of Grayson County.