Marker [003-1]
Wasburn Cemetery
(2.5 mi. W. of Bells on SH 82, 1 mi. S. on Washburn Rd., .25 mi. E. on Rattlesnake Rd.)


Samuel and Mary Washburn and their family moved to Texas from Missouri in 1836. Washburn was granted 1280 acres of land in 1838. As more settlers moved into the area, a burial site was needed and a portion of land on the south edge of the Washburn survey was set aside for a cemetery.

The oldest marked grave is that of infant Mary Gentry in 1867. However, many graves marked only with rocks or Bois D'Arc posts are believed to be from the 1850s. The 2.5-acre cemetery contains about 300 graves. The Washburn cemetery association maintains the site.